DISCOVER – Groundbreaking Innovation in Cardio Workouts

We realize that although standard cardiovascular exercises on Treadmills, ellipticals Cross Trainers and bikes are important, they can also be very mundane and boring. Accordingly, we have come up with a dynamic plan to ensure that you have FUN while you are building up a sweating it out in your cardiovascular workouts. We have fully integrated and wi-fiWi-Fi-enabled entertainment features programmed into your gym experience, so you can watch your favorite TV channels, connect your android or Apple devices, watch movie videos , surf the web or chat with your friends on Facebook by accessing a touch-screen console with a tap of your finger.


Also, each member will be given a unique login ID through which you can customize your entire cardiovascular workout experience to its pinnacle. This will also enable you to access your preset personalized menus from anywhere in the world.

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